Huntington Ridge Stables, LLC
Barn Rules

  • Barn hours are 8:00 AM-9:00 PM Monday through Saturday and 8:00 AM-8:00 PM Sunday.
  • If you will be in the barn or on the property outside of these hours, please let Sheila Tabaczka know ahead of time and receive authorization via text or phone unless it is a medical emergency.
  • All persons entering the facility must sign an Equine Liability Release form, available in the barn office/observation room. Which is to remain on file with the stable manager.
  • No smoking is allowed in or near the barn, storage areas, or lounge at any time. This does not include e-cigarettes. However, we ask that you be considerate of those around you.
  • The speed limit on the property is 10 MPH for the safety of the horses, riders, dogs, and observers.
  • Children 14 and under must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times (not by stable staff or owners).
  • Any dog that is not owned by an employee of HRS needs to be kept on a leash at all times. One dog max per visitor. We ask that you please clean up after your pet.
  • No dogs are permitted in the observation room at any time.
  • All riders are advised to own and wear an ASTM/SEI approved helmet when mounted or working around horses. A helmet must be worn for jumping. (see above regarding children)
  • Riding boots with a heel must be worn for riding.
  • Please do not give treats to horses other than your own without permission from the horse’s owner
  • Clean up after your horse and yourself before leaving. This includes manure, hair, hoof cleanings, supplies, tack, and general refuse in the barns, arenas, wash rack/stall, and observation room. There are trash containers, shovels, brooms, and muck buckets available in the indoor arena and barn isles for this purpose.
  • If you clean your horse's stall please put manure in a muck bucket or wheelbarrow, not the garbage cans. If you open a door or gate, close and latch it behind you.
  • Horses will be turned out in designated turn out areas only. Groupings are determined by stable management. No horses are to be turned out or free lunged in the arenas. Free lunging is to be done in the indoor arena for safety purposes.
  • Feed rooms, hay and shaving storage, workshop barn, and any other designated area are off limits. Grain and supplements supplied by the boarder should be given directly to the stable manager.
  • Turn off all arena lights if you are the last person riding and all inside lights if you are the last to leave. If you use the water in the wash rack/stall, make sure the water is turned off at the spigot when you are finished.
  • If you are bringing someone from outside of this stable to ride your horse they need to sign a liability release. Please see the stable manager.
  • Lessons take priority, all boarders must give proper space to not interfere with the lesson. Please respect each other's space and needs. Do not leave your horse unattended in any area, including the riding arena.
Be safe and courteous. If you need help, ask. If you have a question, ask it. We are more than happy to help! Practicing safe riding principles and good barn etiquette can mean many years of happy, healthy riding enjoyment for you and your horse

Outside Trainers/Instructors

  • Outside trainers/instructors must be approved by stable management and owners in advance and that approval may be revoked at any time.
  • Outside trainers/instructors must carry their own liability insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000.00 coverage and have Huntington Ridge Stables, LLC, stable owners, and manager included under their policy for any activity done while at Huntington Ridge Stables, LLC.
  • Outside trainers/instructors will have their own release of liability form for their trainees indemnifying Huntington Ridge Stables LLC , its owners, and management from any liability for injury or loss.
  • Outside trainers/instructors will also be responsible for a $5 per rider/horse per session fee (less than or equal to one hour) for Huntington Ridge Stables LLC facility use.
  • Lessons are not to interfere with other boarders working their horse.
  • A signed copy of this agreement, liability releases, and the trainer’s/instructor’s insurance policy meeting the above requirements must be kept on file with the stable manager.

These rules may be modified by the owners and stable manager at any time and notice of any changes will be both posted in the office/observation room and sent via email.

Thank you for being part of the Huntington Ridge Stables LLC!

Please direct any questions to: Sheila Tabaczka (248) 431-2917

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